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10.3 Option Buttons and Command Buttons

Ongoing tutorial - First part is here: Part One


To add the YES and NO option buttons, locate the Option Button control in the toolbox:

Option Button Control in the VBA toolbox

Draw two of them on the form. Set the following Properties for your two buttons:


Caption: Yes
Height: 18
Width: 50
Left: 102
Top: 258


Caption: No
Height: 18
Width: 50
Left: 162
Top: 258

To add the picture box, locate the Image control in the toolbox:

The Image control in the toolbox

Draw one on your form and set the following properties for it:

Height: 210
Width: 288
Left: 258
Top: 66


Adding Command buttons to a Form

Finally, we need to add the three command buttons. So draw three of them on the form. Set up the following properties for each button:


Name: cmdLoad
Caption: Load Image Information
Height: 36
Width: 190
Left: 24
Top: 6


Name: cmdBack
Caption: Previous Photo
Height: 30
Width: 114
Left: 258
Top: 312


Name: cmdNext
Caption: Next Photo
Height: 30
Width: 108
Left: 438
Top: 312

And that's all the controls for View Photos page. In the next lesson, you'll design the Add New Photo tab of the form.

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